Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory (English)
595,00 incl. BTW
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory (English)
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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Theory (English)

595,00 incl. BTW

Why the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course?

This accredited e-learning Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Theory) will make you an expert in analyzing and improving business processes. You will get a clear view of waste, value and bottlenecks. You will receive the internationally recognized Green Belt theory certificate when you pass the exam.

Learning objectives

After finishing this e-learning you will be an expert in the lean six sigma method: DMAIC. You will know which tools and techniques can be used during a Lean Six Sigma project, suchs as: VOC, CTQ, SMART objectives, SIPOC, MSA, Gauge R&R, Kappa measurement, Cp, Cpk, Z value, Sigma level, Lean6Sigma measures (for example; takt time, lead time, DPMO, Yield), VSM, 7 waste’s, Poka Yoke, SMED, 5S, Kanban, PULL, TOC, PICK and OCAP.

check-mark-1292787_1280 You master all facets of the Lean Six Sigma method
check-mark-1292787_1280 You can implement structural process improvements
check-mark-1292787_1280 You are able to manage and execute DMAIC projects successfully
check-mark-1292787_1280 You are familiar with the values ​​of a lean culture and know how to stimulate corresponding attitude & behavior.

Who should enrol onto this e-learning course?

You want to follow this e-learning course because you want to know what Lean Six Sigma is and how you can improve business performance using Lean tools and Six Sigma techniques. Many organizations have adopted the Lean methodology and expect an active attitude of their employees to become increasingly leaner. The DMAIC method is used by many organizations to systematically improve process performance. As a Green Belt you have a thorough understanding of the DMAIC method, and the associated tools and techniques. This will make you valuable to many organizations because you can actively lead process improvement projects.

Study load of the Green Belt training

The study load of this e-learning course is approximately 40 hours. This is an average. The actual number of hours you must spend depends on your pre-knowledge, whether you want to know all the ins & outs and how much time you want to spend on exercises.

What do you get?

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-learning consists of:

  • Seven modules
  • Approximately 101 units
  • Approximately 120 videos
  • Approximately 600 questions
  • Approximately 90 exercises

Pre-requisites for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

There are no qualifications or experience required prior to enrolling for this e-learning course Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Having knowledge of business processes and statistics is an advantage.

The certificate

You will receive the internationally recognized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (theory) certificate from Skoledo when you’ve completed all units and passed the exam. You must answer at least 28 of the 40 exam questions correctly.

ISO 13053: internationally recognized

This accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is in accordance with the international standard ISO13053-1 and ISO13053-2. This internationally recognized standard prescribes:

  1. What a Green Belt does within an organization;
  2. What competences he / she must possess for this and
  3. What should therefore be addressed in a (virtual) classroom or e-learning

The quality of our Lean Six Sigma courses is also guaranteed because we work together with many universities. CLICK HERE to see which universities we work with.

Learning by doing!

We apply modern didactic principles which focus on work practice. After all, you learn by observing, doing and receiving feedback. During this e-learning you will see many examples of applications of Lean Six Sigma within various organizations. This e-learning will really make you think about what you are doing now and how you can do things much better applying the principles, tools & techniques of Lean Six Sigma. The videos explain a lot and the exercises / questions ensure that you really understand the teachings.

  • Anet: Good structured course, and the test questions correspond well with the theory. Informative videos!
  • Jan: This training is a lot of fun. The videos add a lot of value to the e-learning. Questions are very useful. Studying took a lot more time than I had anticipated.
  • Marloes: Very nice way of studying. A lot of the teaching material is processed without even realizing it. I’ve noticed that while taking the tests.
  • Rina: The online modules with the questions and exercises provide a good picture of the mastery of the theory. As a student, you know which parts you need to learn more about.

Who developed the course?

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt was set up by teachers who have been providing training in the field of Lean Six Sigma for years. They have also done many improvement projects in various types of organizations. All experience had been used to create an e-learning that is practical, fun and challenging.

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